About Us

About us

A Little Bit About Sordillo Chiropractic Centre

Serving the people of Ireland for 25 years.
Dr Edward Sordillo BSc, DC graduated in 1997 and is accredited in both the United States and Ireland. He has undergone extensive post graduate education to stay current with research and techniques, to deliver optimal care. The practice can deliver Chiropractic care to a broad cross section of the population. From care of the newborn, to the elderly, chiropractic care can improve quality of life in almost anyone.

Dr Sordillo is highly skilled in the science and art of delivering a tailored Chiropractic experience for any individual. A specific care plan will be set out to help each person maximise their healing and recovery. Information on lifestyle habits is provided to suit. No injury is one dimensional, therefore nutrition and movement hygiene are an essential component of getting great results in healing.

Let us take care of you.